At Team REVIVIfy, we make it our mission to exceed all of customer’s expectations! We offer outstanding customer service and have a nationwide network of professionally trained and certified applicators ready to REVIVIfy your vehicle. Team REVIVIfy offers full support to our customers and has a reputation of integrity that separates us from the competition.

Protection Packages

Check out our various vehicle protection packages and determine what best suits your specific needs.
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Rated at 10 years of protection!


Rated at 5 years of protection


Rated at 3 years of protection


Rated at 1 years of protection

Pronounced: [Re – vive – a – fi]
REVIVIfy is not a new coating product and has been used with massive success in many other Countries over the past 5 years, especially in Canada!

REVIVIfy is a proven, advanced, self-healing paint protection technology that can actually be corrected from minor scratches, minor marring, swirl marks and wash scratches with just a bit of heat. The hot sun, hot water or even a heat blower can remove these minor defects without any new paint correction or re-application of more coating product.

Welcome to REVIVIfy Coatings, an advanced, “Self-Healing” professional, hard surface coating designed specifically for the protection of all your vehicles! This type of protection can only be found in our REVIVIfy Coating products.

REVIVIfy is actually more like a liquid, paint protection film that you can actually and visually see once the product has been applied to the surface it’s designed to protect. The shine, the gloss and the depth are something you won’t find in any other paint protection product sold on the market today.

One coating for every hard surface with no confusion. REVIVIfy was designed as a hard surface protection product. It’s designed to protect against the extreme cold, extreme heat and the harsh elements that Mother Nature can throw at it.

No need to buy or apply several types of other coating products. One product will protect the paint, metal, glass, hard plastics, wheels and brake calipers and many other surfaces. Revivify is a one coating, one application product designed to outlast and outperform the competition.

REVIVIfy is the perfect choice to protect any hard surface with superior results and an advanced, self-healing level of protection only found in the Revivify line of coating products.

Go ahead, experience the difference! Go REVIVIfy 

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