After curing, REVIVIfy starts its superior adhesion to the paint, creates super hydrophobic surface tension, and adds durability to protect against salt, Ultra Violet Rays, all weather conditions, chemical resistant similar to paint protection film.

Activated with heat from the sun, hot water, or hot air. There’s no limit to how many times the coating can restore itself from minor scratches & swirl marks.

The liquid shine that comes from REVIVIfy is unlike any other product. You’ll have to see it to believe it.




At Revivify America, we make it our mission to dazzle every customer with our Revivify paint protection products, our outstanding customer service, and our professionally trained applicators with the application process and systems designed to protect your vehicles for many years to come.

Our mission and our support to our customers are the reason Revivify America has the reputation and integrity that separate us from the competition.

REVIVIfy Protection Packages

Take some time and check out all of our vehicle protection packages to find out what best suites your needs and your budgets.

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REVIVIfy. An advanced, self-healing, silicon based, hard-surface coating similar to paint protection film. REVIVIfy allows for a true healing process of minor scratches & swirl marks, unlike any other traditional ceramic coatings.

Traditional 9H/10H ceramic coatings are repaired from scratches only by polishing and reapplying the ceramic.  Harsh contaminants, such as bird droppings or even hard water, when neglected on the surface would permanently etch these type of traditional ceramic coatings.

REVIVIfy solves all of these issues with its self-healing capabilities. It’s a silicon based, flexible coating – so if scratched or etched, it will restore back to its original state with heat!¬†Additionally, it actively provides significantly better water-spot protection when compared with traditional 9H/10H ceramic coatings.

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