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can i ceramic coat glass

Can I Revivify Glass: Is It Possible & Effective on Windshields?

Can I Revivify Glass? Have you ever wondered if you can Revivify glass for enhanced protection and visibility on your clients’ vehicles? The answer is yes! Revivify Coatings can be applied to glass surfaces, including windows and windshields. Not only does it provide durable protection against scratches and UV damage, but it can also offer hydrophobic properties to ensure a clear view even

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Revivify Difference
Revivify Protective Coating

Revivify Coatings Durability Explained: How Long Does Revivify Coatings Last?

How Long Does Revivify Coatings Last? In the realm of car care, ensuring vehicles retain their pristine appearance is paramount. As dedicated applicators of Revivify Coatings, you understand the importance of providing top-tier protection for our clients’ vehicles. In this discourse, we delve into the durability of Revivify Coatings and address a common question: How

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should i ceramic coat my new car
Revivify Protective Coating

Protect Your Clients’ Rides: Should I Revivify New Cars?

Protect Your Clients’ Rides: Should I Revivify New Cars? As an approved Revivify applicator, you’re well aware of the significance of preserving the pristine allure of your clients’ vehicles, especially when they’re brand new off the lot. In the pursuit of safeguarding these cherished investments, the question arises: should you Revivify new cars? Let’s delve

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Revivify Warranty

Revivify Coatings Warranty Press Release

Revivify Protective Coatings Introduces Groundbreaking Vehicle Protection Warranty Costa Mesa, CA, March 7, 2024 – Revivify Protective Coatings, the leading authority in vehicle coating technology, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary Vehicle Protection Warranty. This innovative warranty coincides with Revivify’s 5-year product warranty, offering customers unparalleled peace of mind and protection for

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can i apply ceramic coating to vinyl wrap
Vinyl Wraps

Can I Apply Revivify Coatings to Vinyl Wrap?

Can I Apply Revivify Coatings to Vinyl Wrap Are you contemplating whether to apply Revivify Self-Healing Coatings to your client’s vinyl wraps? We understand your concerns and want to provide clarity on this matter. Revivify Coatings, renowned for protecting vehicles and maintaining their pristine appearance, could be an excellent addition to your services. Let's delve

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