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REVIVIFY Product line

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- REVIVIFY Product line -




Revivify’s chemistry is just the opposite of your traditional ceramic coating products. It is very flexible and resilient which helps absorb and reject projectiles, dirt, and debris that encounter the surface, similar to that of paint protection film. Furthermore, Revivify is very durable and hydrophobic and has a long-lasting, heat-generated, Self-Healing technology that helps keep your coating and car looking clean and defect-free for many years. 

While Revivify Global has a rich history, having introduced its line of self-healing protective products over 14 years ago, CarbonX, the newest addition to the Revivify product line, is already making waves in the United States. After undergoing testing for the past 8 months, it has demonstrated tremendous success and remarkable results.

Revivify’s claim to fame has always been its ability to adhere to all hard surfaces  and “self-heal” minor paint damage, scratches, and swirls with the mere addition of heat. Whether or not you use hot water, heat guns, or even on a hot sunny day, minor scratches, water spots, and swirl damage will disappear and self heal on their own.

Revivify’s CarbonX, is taking vehicle protection to a whole new level. CarbonX offers over 50% more protection, adhesion, self-healing capabilities, durability, and performance. All Revivify’s products provide vehicle protection that rivals that of Paint Protection Film (PPF), and CarbonX is a strong contender in the vehicle protection market, and in some cases, even surpassing more traditional PPF options.

CarbonX stands out as the very first fully functioning, carbon-based technology in the vehicle protection industry. Its applications extend beyond automobiles, making it suitable for use in the Automotive, Marine, Aviation, and Industrial sectors, with a proven track record of global success and market dominance, over all other traditional ceramic coating products.


REVIVIfy PCD (Pre-Coating Degreasant)

Achieve the perfect surface for applying REVIVIfy coatings with our advanced PCD (Pre-Coating Degreaser).

The final step before applying the coating,  PCD effectively removes any residual polishing oils or abrasives left behind from the paint correction process, ensuring a pristine surface for optimal adhesion. 

- REVIVIFY Product line -


REVIVIfy SH X (Base Coat)

Revivify Inorganic SH X (Base Coat) is the ultimate choice for consumers seeking the best and thickest protective layer for their vehicles. With its remarkable ability to enhance the performance of our Self-Healing coatings, SH X provides an unparalleled level of advanced adhesion, durability, and self-healing capabilities. Revivify’s SH X Base Coat is not a stand-alone product and is used to enhance and add performance to our other Revivify products.

Choose Revivify SH X and give your vehicle the premium ability of advanced adhesion and up to 50% more performance with the rest of the Revivify lineup. Revivify SH X (Base Coat) is an inorganic layer that needs to be used in conjunction with our other Revivify high-performing products.

One layer of base coat with one layer of one of our other Revivify products is equal to three layers of any of our Revivify protective products. Why? Because that’s what our SH X Base Coat is designed to do.


Revivify SH Lite is our most affordable, entry-level product. But don’t be fooled, it has managed to test and outperform almost all other traditional ceramic coating products all by itself and has the highest rating of protective hydrophobic properties. Elevate your vehicle’s appearance and durability with our revolutionary thick single-layer coating, leaving traditional ceramic coatings in the dust.

Revivify SH Lite is the perfect choice for your annual service program or just a great way to add more protection to any of your vehicle’s protective Revivify products.


Revivify’s SH Ultra Pro takes paint protection to the cutting edge with its increased solid content, superior adhesion, resilience, and flexibility as well as our advanced self-healing performance, and unmatched gloss and depth. Revivify’s Ultra Pro is our flagship product, this is where it all started, and a product that will last years over any traditional ceramic coating products sold on the market today.

It has an uncanny ability to continue to self-heal year in and year out and offers an extremely deep and glossy finish to your vehicle’s painted surface.

Revivify SH Graphene Pro

Graphene is an atom-thick honeycomb sheet of carbon. It is soft and extremely flexible. Graphene is the strongest and thinnest material in the world with high tensile strength.

What the true meaning of hardness is when it comes to the explanation of “Hardness” does not mean hard at all. It means that it is very hard for inferior chemicals to penetrate the surface of our Revivify Graphene Pro product. In fact, we have the strongest formula ever manufactured when it comes to a chemical-resistant level of protection.

What does this mean to our customers? That’s simple, now you can take your car to the car wash time and time again without the stress and worry of the harsh chemicals damaging your paint.

Experience the future of automotive surface protection with unmatched chemical resistance, high gloss, durability, and superior anti-graffiti and anti-abrasion performance. Choose Revivify Graphene SH Pro today and start enjoying your driving experience.

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