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Three Steps to The Perfect Revivify Coating Application!

There are three steps to the perfect automotive protective coating process.
1. First step is the paint correction process. It’s important to prep the paint prior to the
Revivify coating process. We first need to remove paint defects, swirls, and scratches
and as many other paint imperfections as we can. This is very important to ensure the
paint has shine, gloss, and depth.

2. The second step is to be sure the paint is stripped of any residue, oils, and left-over
polish by using our Revivify PCD Pre Coating Degreasant on the surface of the paint. This will allow for total adhesion of the coating to the paint. 

3. The third step is the application and leveling process of our Revivify Protective Coating
product. After the initial application of our Revivify Coating, it’s the actual art, talent and
experience that separates our professionally trained and certified applicators with the
leveling process. This is to be sure our customers end up with a very thick and generous
layer of our Revivify Coating for many years of paint and other hard surface protection.


What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction refers to the process of removing the imperfections and defects in a vehicle’s painted finish and restoring it to its original, like new finish.

These imperfections and paint defects include removing swirl marks, wash scratches, water spot damage, bird drop etching and much more. This is accomplished by one of our experienced and certified Revivify paint correction specialist.

Paint correction is an art and should only be performed by a paint correction specialist that has the training and experience needed in order to provide you with a level of paint correction that only a hand full of detailers can offer.

Unlike many detailers today, our Revivify paint correction specialist are trained in both “Paint Cutting” and “Paint Manipulation” two paint correction techniques taught by industry leader Mel Craig.

These two techniques are specifically designed to protect today’s very thin paint without creating future damage or clear coat failure.

You’ve made the right choice in selecting one of our Revivify Paint Correction and Paint Protection Specialist.

How Do I know My Vehicle is in Need of Paint Correction?

At times it’s not easy to see why you need paint correction. But, in most cases, you can see your paint may need to be corrected by the sun’s reflection off the surface of the paint in the form of fine scratches you would see on any shinny surface.

These fine swirls and wash scratches will eventually appear after poor maintenance or improper washing procedures. These types of defects and imperfections can have long term effects on the overall, cosmetic appearance of your paint.

By looking at the surface of your paint either in the direct sunlight or with some sort of manufactured lighting. You will see these fine scratches jump out at you. These fine, medium, or heavy scratches are what makes the difference in the overall shine, gloss and depth of your paint. The more swirls and scratches, the more your paint will lose it overall gloss and depth.

Our Revivify applicators are specialist in paint defect inspection and can illustrate and show you these types of paint defects in your personal vehicle, how deep they are and how extensive the paint defects may be by using a professional lighting system.

Below is a simple diagram that shows why your eye is able to see these fine scratches in the vehicles painted finish. 

Depending upon the severity of the paint defects are Revivify paint correction specialist will be able to offer you the paint correction solution that fits your needs and to offer you the painted finish you’ve always wanted.

Because a circular scratch will always have a side directly bisecting your line of sight and the reflection of the suns rays, they will be much easier to see. However, if you wash the vehicle with front to back motions, the scratches will be uniform and will only be visible when perpendicular to the vehicle.

Why Does Paint Correction Matter?

Whether you drive a Ford or a Ferrari, the first thing anyone notices is the paint. What they see is the beautiful reflection, shine, gloss, and depth that can have a direct reflection on the overall cosmetic appearance of the car you drive and a direct connection of your personality.

While a car might look clean, shiny, and taken care of from a distance, it’s that up close and personal appearance of your paint that can make or break the nicest looking paint.

By keeping the paint defect free, with a smooth and glossy finish and a high grade level of paint protection, this will keep your cars painted surface looking amazing for many years to come.

With today’s paint technology the manufactures are very selfish with the amount of paint they use. Therefore, the paint on todays car is  Dangerously Thin” and can only be corrected once or twice in the lifetime of the paint.

Therefore, it’s very important to consider the Revivify Coating. A level of paint protection that will offer your vehicle the protection it needs to keep you paint looking great for many years to come.

And don’t forget to put the “Shop” Button under the login page and  remove it from the top menu bar. Remember, these items we sell are only for the applicators not the customers.

How Is Paint Correction and Paint Protection Achieved?

Step 1: Extensive Wash Process

Step 2: De-Contaminate the Paint

Step 3: Paint Defect Removal

Step 4: Polish Paint to The Perfect Finish

Step 5: Use PCD Pre Coating Degreasant to Prep Surface

Step 6: Revivify Coating Application Process

Why Revivify

  • Revivify is not like any Traditional Ceramic Coating
    o It’s not a titanium
    o It’s not a silica
    o It is a Silicone Based Product

  • Revivify is a one product application for all hard surfaces
    o Paint
    o Glass
    o Plastic
    o Leather
    o Wheels
    o Metal
    o Vinyl Wraps
    o PPF

  • Revivify is self-healing
    o Heat generated restoration
    o Hot sunny days
    o Hot water
  • Revivify is very durable
    o Very hard to scratch
    o Repels everything
    o Performs well under normal car care and car washing

  • Revivify is very flexible
    o Revivify is like PPF
    o Revivify repels debris

  • Revivify is super hydrophobic
    o Revivify is very slick
    o No need to add a topcoat
    o Stays hydrophobic longer
    o Nothing sticks to Revivify

  • Revivify is long lasting
    o Holds up under extreme weather both heat and cold
    o Add years of protection over all its competitors
    o No need to re-apply Revivify for years of protection
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