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Revivify Blue Microfiber Towels


12 Pack of Premium Micro Fiber Towels 

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How To Take Care Of Your Micro Fiber Towels



Make no mistake… the Revivify Multi-Surface 16×16 Microfiber Towels are different. What makes it different? Made with our Intra Weave technology (see below), we set out to make a better all-purpose type of towel without making it more expensive. We make a better microfiber towel by making it MORE for you and your budgets.

  • More Durable – We gave our towels to an independent lab to find out just how durable they are. After 250 washings they still looked great and absorbed 92% of what they absorbed when they were new.
  • More Microfiber with Intra Weave – Most microfiber is woven into 100% polyester ground fabric. We wanted more. We had our factory make these towels with microfiber actually blended into the ground fabric. This means more microfiber, making them true premium microfiber towels with a lightweight feel.
  • More Weight – Most of the all-purpose microfiber towels are between 250 and 300 grams per square meter. These are thicker and heavier at 320 grams per square meter but nice to the touch and feel soft and light.
  • More microfiber in each towel means less effort is needed to get surfaces clean and debris free saving time and energy. You deserve to have more microfiber!

Product Details
Construction: Our 16”x16” Multi-Surface Towel is a great microfiber cleaning towel for any job. We designed these high-quality microfiber towels with professional cleaners, compounds, polishes, and coatings in mind. They’re manufactured to be extra soft, more absorbent, and more durable than all other all-purpose microfiber towels on the market. They’re lint-free microfiber towels and are made up of hundreds of thousands of split fibers which allow the cloths to clean aggressively without being abrasive. They are safe to use on automotive paints, high shine and high gloss finishes, windows, smooth and coarse surfaces as well as being used in the aeronautic and marine industries. These all-purpose microfiber towels are constructed from woven polyester/polyamide blend microfiber. The open spaces in the fibers created by the splitting process are what give the towels its ability to hold dust, dirt, debris, oils and grime as well as its ability to absorb liquid. The edges of the towels are sewn with 4 threads overlock stitching which greatly increases the life of the towel. When cared for properly they’ll last hundreds of washings.

Uses: There are literally hundreds of uses for the Revivify Microfiber Towels.

This is the towel to buy and, it will be the last towel you’ll ever need and It’s by far the best microfiber towel on the market today.

These microfiber towels can be used dry as a duster or damp as a scrubber. When used dry the positively charged split fibers attract negatively charged dust and dirt like a magnet, because of this you can use the microfiber towels as a green alternative to using a cleaning cloth treated with chemicals or a (chemical) spray and wipe method. When using the microfiber towels damp, the squeegee like edges of each microfiber in a microfiber cleaning cloth scrapes up the dirt while the open spaces keep the dirt in the microfiber towel. The damp method is for heavy cleaning and removal. Try them for any kind of cleaning task, from simple to the most difficult, these 16×16 heavy-duty microfiber towels will get the job done.

Method: When using our 16″x16″ Revivify Multi-Surface Towels, it’s usually best to fold the microfiber towel into fours. This gives you eight cleaning surfaces with each towel. One of the greatest things about microfiber towels is that they allow you to clean effectively without added chemical cleaners, microfiber towels work extremely well with just plain water. The dry method is great for dusting, cleaning windows and mirrors, wiping up spills, and much more. Once you’ve collected dust and dirt you can rinse the towel and continue using it damp to remove smudged dirt, grease or stains. In healthcare applications, towels are a perfect complement to microfiber mopping programs. Clean and wipe all touch surfaces in a patient room with a towel damp with disinfectant solution. As with microfiber floor mops, deposit towel in soil container after finishing each room to prevent cross-contamination. These microfiber towels are available in 5 colors so you can color code towels for specific applications. For instance, Black towels for the wheels and engines, yellow towels for the interiors, green towels for the compounds and polishes, grey towels for your coating products and the blue towels for all your glass.


  • Size: 16”x16” (40cm x 40cm)
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, and Gray
  • Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
  • Denier: .1-.2
  • Weight: 300+ Grams per Square Meter (GSM)

Towel Maintenance:

Always use smart towel management and good towel maintenance to keep your towels lasting
washing after washing:

Directions for the wash:

  • Always wash your microfiber towels separately and color coordinated to be sure you don’t get any cross contamination between towels.
  • Use liquid detergent only and wash in cool water
  • “Do not“ add any fabric softeners to the wash water
  • When drying your towels, you can machine dry in very low heat. To high of heat will melt the polyamide and destroy your towel’s ability to clean and perform.
  • “Do not” add a dryer sheet to your dryer during the drying process.

Colors are coordinated and designed for work and ease of use with no confusion:

  • Blue Towels: For streak free crystal-clear glass
  • Green Towels: For exterior paint, compounds, and polish removal
  • Black Towels: For engine bays, wheels, door jams and other dirty areas on the cars.
  • Yellow Towels: For interior cleaning, leathers, and interior trim
  • Grey Towels: Perfect for your Revivify and other Coating products. The best towels for leveling any coating product you offer.
Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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