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Team Revivify Die Cut Sticker


3″ and 6″ Team Revivify Die-Cut Stickers available! These are perfect for windows

Designed for the look, produced to last, builds the brand and a color that suits just about any
vehicle, These Team Revivify decals signifies the relationship we have as an organization and at
the same time allowing our customers to enjoy the spirit of being part of the Revivify family and
the team.
Our decals are produced with a high end, heavy duty, vinyl material. They are produced to last,
withstand the harsh elements of UV and intense weather.
This is the type of branding that continues to brand for years.
1. Peel back the soft side of the decal.
2. Be sure to line it up, center it up, and place the decal where you want it.
3. Stick one end down and use a plastic card to be sure you lay it down and stick it to the
surface while working out any bubbles and wrinkles by sliding the plastic card from one
end to another.
4. Be sure to use the plastic card and go back and forth to be sure the decal is fully stuck.
5. Once you’re done, use your fingernail or plastic card to pull up the corner of the backing
paper and slowly pull the backing paper off the decal.
6. Let the decal sit for a few hours before wiping it down to be sure the edges are set and
don’t peel.
7. Maintenance is easy and clean the surface in your normal method of cleaning methods.

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